Jacking Systems

Our unique jacking system is designed to allow the latest electric hydraulic and automation technology to help accurately control leg position. Our customized programmable controllers can provide all jacking system logic, safety interlocks, leg position and alarm monitoring.
As well as, jacking system pressures, system status, temperatures, alarms, and operation manuals and a multitude of other data points on the ship displayed on customizable touch screens.

  • Thruster Canister Systems
  • Rack Chock Systems
  • Winches & Hose Reels

Service and Support

We understand that uptime can be critical to the success of your jacking system operations. With a global presence, we can offer commissioning, installation, troubleshooting and field service for nearly any location of your boat’s operations. Our team is highly trained and able to respond quickly to our customers’ needs.

International Partners

Rivol International (H.K.) Limited.
Email: Info@RIVOL.Net
Tel: 248-826-8868
Contact: Arthur Pan
Add: Room 806,Long Di Tower No. 1088 Li Yang Road Hong
Kou District Shanghai China
Email: arthur.pan@rivolinternational.com

115 Neythal Road, Singapore 628602
Tel: +65 6265 0126 Fax: +65 6265 6052

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Gearbox & Climbing Pinions

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electrohydraulic power units

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