Fluid & Water Treatment Solutions

Reverse Osmosis Technology

We provide water producing products, service and support for marine applications ranging from private yachts to deep-water rigs. Designed to fit your applications, we will size each system to supplement your consumption or produce water for 100% of your requirements.

Modern User Interfaces – PLC controls, user-friendly color touchscreens

Energy Savings – water lubricated pumps, automated freshwater flushes

Plug-and-Play Solutions – containerized products, preassembled and fully tested systems.

Small Footprint – technical & potable water from the same skid, modular and compact configuration options.

Highest Quality Results – for deposits, corrosion and carryover, reverse-osmosis systems featuring elecrodedeionization mixed-bed ion exchange (MBDI)

Fuel & Oil Treatment

  • Minimial maintenance – no disposable filters
  • Flexible mounting – main fuel tank, day tank
  • Single and multiple stage options
  • Compact Design

Bilge & Ballast Water Treatment

  • No disposable or chemical elements
  • Continuous monitoring of oil ppm at bilge water outlet
  • Ultraviolet radiation of incoming & outgoing ballast water to eliminate microorganisms
  • Energy efficiency with no back-flush required

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