Employee Owned Holdings, Inc. is the parent company of a family of employee-owned entities specializing in fluid power. Our full-line distribution companies, Hydraquip Inc., Gulf Controls Company, Inc. and Action Hydraulics, a division of Gulf Controls, provide technical expertise and value-added solutions with their offering of hydraulic, pneumatic and automation products. Supreme Integrated Technology, Inc. focuses on hydraulic, mechanical and structural design to deliver custom, turn-key systems. The newest EOHI family member, Elite Controls, Inc. provides mechatronics and controls support.


SIT is part of Employee Owned Holdings, Inc., a group of employee-owned companies specializing in fluid power.  Our full-line distribution companies, Hydraquip Inc. and Gulf Controls Company, Inc. provide technical expertise and value-added solutions with their offering of hydraulic, pneumatic and automation products. Supreme Integrated Technology (SIT) focuses on hydraulic, mechanical and structural designs to deliver custom, turn-key systems.


EOHI is committed to developing talent.  Our internship opportunities expose students to a wide-variety of departments and provide excellent learning opportunities.  Our unique, family-oriented culture promotes a friendly work environment, and we are committed to provide the proper tools and training to help all employees advance their career.  We are all owners and work together to achieve high growth goals.

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ESOP stands for Employee Stock Ownership Plan, which is a special retirement program that allows employees to own stock in the company.  When you join EOHI, you automatically begin investing in your future.  We are a high growth company committed to training our employee owners to develop their skills and advance in their careers.

  • ESOP companies pay wages that are 5-12% higher than that of non-ESOP companies in the same industry.
  • Studies also show that retirement account balances for ESOP companies are 2.5 times higher.
  • ESOP companies grow 2.5 times faster than those companies without employee ownership.
  • What most of the research tells us is that employee owned companies are superior in performance, employee benefits and in setting employee attitudes.


We offer an excellent benefits package including employee ownership (ESOP), health as well as disability insurance, and a very competitive base salary. Our 401K plan offers matching funds of $.50 per $1 invested; up to 8% of salary. Employees also receive paid time off and can be provided discretionary funding for continuing education.

You can become an owner of our company! Participation in the ESOP retirement plan yields great value, with a value per share historically growing at 8% per year. Our employees are fully vested in the ESOP after 6 years of service. As an ESOP company, our employees own the company. Each person has a stake in the outcome of “our” company. The word “our” is critical because all employees demonstrate a pride of ownership which causes everyone to work together for the success of customers and the company.