Port Vincent Bridge
  • Live load/end wedge and spanning cylinder
  • End wedges and bases
  • Hydraulic piping
  • Main HPU
  • Secondary HPU
  • Rack assembly

Case: Refurbishing a Historic Louisiana Swing Bridge

The Port Vincent Bridge, formally known as the Amrite River Bridge, dates all the way back to the early 1960’s. Due to its advanced age,the bridge needed some renovations to maintain full functionality. SIT’s engineers were called in to assist on this project to refurbish the bridge.

Having completing similar projects prior to this one, SIT was more than ready to begin. Still several challenges arose. Since this bridge was built over 60 years ago, SIT had to adapt to using an outdated system. Information could not be gathered or was difficult to confirm.

Ultimately, SIT installed new live load/end wedge cylinders with a 24-inch stroke and a new spanning cylinder with a much larger stroke of 77 inches. SIT was successful in completing the design, manufacture and installation of new hydraulic piping spanning the entire bridge. The existing HPU was refurbished, but SIT went even further as it designed and installed a new secondary HPU to generate even more power and capability. Once again, SIT shows itself quite capable in making sure the desired solution is achieved.

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