Coke Drum Unheading Control Console
  • 2,500 lbs.

Case: Enhancing Safety in Refinery Operations: Coke Drum Unheading Control Console

A client came to SIT because they needed to replace a coke drum unheading system that was over 20 years old but had encountered some surprise obstacles along the way.

The initial challenge was that the existing console was old and out of date. It took up too much space, the frame was too short, and age had slowed it down considerably. It was clear that new technology would be more efficient and reliable, but the client needed a partner to show where to improve.

Knowing that SIT had a track record in modernizing old systems (movable bridges, oil & gas systems, offshore HPUs, etc.), the client invited SIT’s engineers over to review the current set-up. From the site, SIT was able to identify the details, figure out what components could continue to function, and create a set of schematics. When the component was created, the client could then replace their current controls and merge these new control systems in their refinery operation.

In addition to the testing, SIT was able to deliver other tangible features for the system, such as a roof and live handles.  With the new component in place, safety is improved for the employees as they have a remote, protected way to run coke drum unheading operations, along with a decrease to maintenance expenses by fewer leak points and a reduced footprint for the system.


  • 11 station panel mounted PVG valve
  • Master valve
  • 4 pressure gauges
  • Custom manifold
  • Integrated safety control – master operation lever (dead man switch)
  • Integrated solenoid valves
  • Control enclosure (junction box)
  • 2 circuits:
  • Hydraulic circuit
  • Isolated pneumatic circuit (nitrogen)
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